Zurich, Switzerland

Member Overview

Number of Partners:

3 Partners

1 Trainee

Main Client Sectors

Good & Partner offers clients legal services in all business law related areas:

Building & Real Estate Law, Contract & Corporate Law, Banking & Finance, Estate Planning & Trust Services, Commercial Mediation, Compliance, Labour Law, Administrative Law (e.g. financial market regulations and supervision), Business & Human Rights, White Collar Crime, Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law

Year of Establishment

Established 2014.

Languages Spoken

English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian

Professional Indemnity Insurance

The firm maintains Professional Indemnity insurance.


Good & Partner Rechtsanwälte AG
Langstrasse 20
CH-8004 Zurich



Tel:  +41 44 515 31 90
Fax: +41 44 515 31 99

Email: info@goodpartner.ch





Areas of Expertise

General Civil, Commercial and Corporate Practice, Contracts, Banking, National and International Business Law, Insurance, Product and Professional Liability, Construction Law, Tax Law, Maritime and Air Transport, Unfair Competition, Social Insurance, Family Law, Road Traffic Law, Property and Inheritance Law, Criminal Law, Litigation and Arbitration.

Ability to Represent Clients throughout the Country

The firm represents clients in all courts in Switzerland and at any level (district courts up to high court). For the French speaking part of Switzerland (Geneva area) and the Italian speaking part (Lugano area) the firm acts through correspondent law firms.

Practice Areas of the Partners

lic. iur. Michèle Ineczka Kappeler (TEP, AClArb)

Swiss Lawyer, Trust & Estate Practitioner and London-trained Commercial Mediator

Practice areas:

Contracts and Corporate Law, Banking & Finance, Estate Planning & Trust Services, Compliance, Commercial Mediation


Dr. iur. Paul-Lukas Good  

Attorney-at-law (qualified 2009)

Practice areas:   

Litigation, Building & Real Estate Law, Contracts and Corporate Law, Labour Law, Banking & Finance, Administrative Law, White Collar Crime, Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law


Dr. iur. Christoph Good

Attorney-at-law (qualified 2012)

Practice areas:

Litigation, Business & Human Rights, Contracts and Corporate Law, Labour Law, Administrative Law, White Collar Crime

Main Contact

Michèle Ineczka Kappeler


Email - MK@goodpartner.ch