London, United Kingdom

Member Overview

Number of Partners:

19 Partners

2 Consultants

14 Associates

13 Assistant Solicitors

10 Trainee Solicitors

Main Client Sectors

Insurance, Construction, Property, Professional Practices and I.T industry

Year of Establishment

The firm was originally founded in 1838.

Languages Spoken

English, French, German, Urdu, Gujurati.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

The firm maintains Professional Indemnity Insurance.


Capital House

85 King William Street



Tel: 00 44 207 469 0400

Fax: 00 44 207 469 0401




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Beale & Company


Areas of Expertise


Most areas of commercial work are handled from litigation/arbitration and dispute resolution to corporate and commercial advice on business structures, contracts and transactions, such as, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, restructuring, property and employment law. The firm has developed a notable reputation for handling professional indemnity insurance claims and construction disputes.


Although the firm has a wide range of expertise and is large by European standards, it regards itself as a niche practice with legal skills attuned to the needs of commercial clients particularly from the main industry sectors of Insurance, Construction, Property and Information Technology. The firm is a leading firm in acting for professional practices such as architects, engineers, surveyors, accountants, financial advisers/brokers and solicitors.


The firm operates from offices in London and Bristol (UK) and in Dublin (Ireland). Further details and useful information to clients are available on the Website


Ability to Represent Clients throughout the Country


Our coverage extends to England and Wales and Ireland. We are able to appear in interlocutory hearings in County Courts (smaller claims) and the High Court. For the main hearing of a case in those Courts barristers have to be engaged to conduct the advocacy in Court. In the UK the legal profession has two branches. This enables us to engage an advocate with the appropriate specialist experience.

Practice Areas of the Partners



Antony Smith

Qualified 1983

Practice areas:

Litigation/Arbitration, Insurance, Construction, Professional Liability Claims.


Michael Archer

Qualified 1985

Practice areas:

Company/Commercial, I.T. Law, Employment Law, Corporate and Business Transactions.


Sheena Sood (Mrs)

Qualified 1992

Practice areas:

Litigation/Arbitration, I.T. Disputes, Insurance


John Henderson

Qualified 1991

Practice areas:

Litigation/Arbitration, Insurance, Construction, I.T.


Ed Anderson

Qualified 1995

Practice areas:

Professional Negligence, Insurance.


Heidi Kapadia (Mrs)

Qualified 2000

Practice areas:

Professional Negligence claims, Construction, Dispute Resolution, Construction contracts


Simon Delves

Qualified 1987

Practice areas:

Construction, Engineering, International Dispute Resolution


Tom Pemberton

Qualified 1995

Practice areas:

Construction and Engineering, Corporate Services, Health and Safety


James Hutchinson

Qualified 2003

Practice areas:

Corporate services, Professional Liability, Construction, I.T.


Damian McPhun

Qualified 1996

Practice areas:

Litigation / Arbitration, Insurance, Professional Liability

Ben Mellors

Qualified 2008

Practice areas:

Dispute Avoidance and Resolution

Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure.


Will Buckby

Qualified 2006

Practice areas:

Construction, Projects and Corporate Services


Stephen Reilly

Qualified 1995

Practice areas:

Insurance, Professional Liability, Professions, Dispute Avoidance and Resolution, Technology, Financial Institutions and Crime.


Anthony Wilson

Qualified 1997

Practice areas:

Construction Engineering and Infrastructure.

Dispute Avoidance and Resolution.



Giles Tagg

Qualified 2003

Practice areas:

Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure; Liability; Dispute Avoidance and Resolution; Professional Liability; Professions


Rhian Howell (Mrs)

Qualified 1996

Practice areas:

Litigation/Arbitration, Construction, Professional Negligence.


Joe Eizenberg

Qualified 2001

Practice areas:

Litigation/Arbitration, Insurance, Professional Negligence.

Dublin (Republic of Ireland):


Tara Cosgrove (Mrs)

Qualified 1994

Practice areas:

Litigation/Arbitration, Insurance, Construction, Health and Safety.


Niamh Loughran (Mrs)

Qualified 1998

Practice areas:

Litigation / Arbitration, Insurance, Professional Negligence Claims, Constuction


Sarah Conroy

Qualified 2001

Practice areas:

Litigation / Arbitration, Insurance, Professional Negligence Claims, Constuction.


John Ward

Qualified 1974 

Practice areas:

Litigation/Arbitration, Insurance, Construction, Professional Liability Claims.


Paul Redfern

Qualified 1978

Practice areas:

Litigation/Arbitration, Insurance, Professional Liability.


Main Contact


Michael Archer, London office.